OEMG Global provides specialist skills in Oceanographic and Environmental Management Services. We are committed to excellence in project delivery drawing from many years of practical and project management experience from within our team. We service Australian and International markets.



Land & Freshwater


OEMG Global provides a range of oceanographic services including geophysical surveys, environmental surveys, oceanographic surveys(the collection of physical data including physicochemical, currents etc), GIS and project management services.
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OEMG Global utilises the Aquares Resistivity System for land to undertake sub-bottom surveys on land and in freshwater environments. The system utilises the proprietary processing techniques providing clients with qualitative and quantitative data suitable for project planning and borehole placement.
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OEMG Global provides a range of environmental management services including marine biology and ecology studies, sustainable energy consulting, research & policy analysis, GIS and project management services.
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Recent Projects

2D High Resolution Aquisition Station - Kazakhstan Greenhouse and Energy Policy Analysis Sand search near Kasab, Oman utilising the Aquares Resistivity System Community Renewable Energy