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Port of Eden

OEMG’s IDGM was effectively integrated into the design process for the Port of Eden. The Aquares system discovered complex, vertical geological structures that other geophysical systems failed to visualise. After peer review, just 15 boreholes were required to validate the geophysical model. The IDGM created was then able to reduce estimated project piling costs by $1million by designing structures to favourable geologies. In addition, $3 million in potential dredging overruns were identified, compared to what was forecast with previously available data. The IDGM allowed redesign of dredge areas in order to avoid these overruns, allowing for an additional $3 million savings in project costs. Thus, the IDGM process proved to be cost effective, significantly reduced risk and improved the design process.

For more information see “Errey J, Dooley A. Brabers P, 2015. Combining Historical Geotechnical and Geophysical Data with Recent Aquares Geophysical Survey Data into a GIS Framework for the Eden Port Development. Australian Coast and Ports Conference 2015, Auckland, New Zealand” or  CLICK HERE