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Our Mission

Our purpose is to revolutionise and continuously improve ground modelling technology and processes, underpinned by the knowledge that an accurate understanding of geological conditions is absolutely critical to the success of any infrastructure project.

We demonstrate that when high quality, accurate, innovative, integrated digital ground models are implemented early in a project – it creates enormous opportunities and mitigates risk – it empowers decision makers, and – it ensures a win-win for stakeholders by providing sustainable development with substantial economic savings, prevention of environmental harm and significantly improved social outcomes.

OEMG Digital Geophysics

High quality, proven Digital Geophysical acquisitions: high resolution results, fast turnaround times and same day processing.

Millions of Dollars in Savings

Our clients have saved up to 20% of their overall project budget by utilising our IDGM process, which equates to millions of dollars in savings for large infrastructure projects.

Significant Sustainability Benefits

Tailoring the infrastructure to the geology, rather than the geology to the infrastructure results in significant triple bottom line benefits (economic, environmental and social).

Digital Data

Full digital datasets that can be utilised seamlessly to create models in a wide variety of packages including GIS, CAD, Engineering software and BIM.

Reduced Project Risk

Our IDGM improves geological certainty, significantly lowering project risk. Introduced early, the process allows contractors to reduce prices and gives greater confidence to investors.

Prevention of Environmental Harm

More sustainable, less risky designs tailored to the geology, reduces the environmental impact of major projects.

Improved Dialogue

Improve communication between stakeholders due to ability to share and present data in easy to understand formats, targeted to different user requirements.

Increased Geological Certainty

Our IDGM process increases geological certainty, reducing time and cost over-runs due to unforeseen ground conditions.

Geology for Everyone

We produce simple to understand, effective data in a variety of formats, that can be used by all key decision makers.

OEMG-Global's Innovative Approach


OEMG’s innovative Integrated Digital Ground Modelling (IDGM) system has been hailed as a significant breakthrough in the way ground modelling is performed.

OEMGs innovative methods allow them to become positioned as strategic ground modelling experts and consultants. They work directly with  Australian and overseas organisations and government departments who are tasked with making strategic decisions about public infrastructure placement and design. They are in a position to contribute to a transformation of traditional procurement processes which will aim to encourage further innovation within the industry.

Supporting organisations to collect and combine all relevant datasets into a “Strategic Integrated Digital Ground Model” which covers an entire area of decision making influence and is available for use by multiple departments reduces duplication of effort, increases data confidence, improves strategic planning & holistic infrastructure placement.

OEMG takes an innovative approach to the market segments they operate in and as a result of many years of extensive experience and research have developed a new approach to ground modelling that will help clients save time and money.


OEMG-Global have been lucky to have worked with some clients who value our innovative approach to the industry.
We appreciate the comments they make about our approach to our services.
  •   OEMG Global provides specialist skills in oceanography and environmental management services. Through projects such as the metro train for the NSW Department of Transport and with the NSW Port Corporation, OEMG Global have demonstrated how well they work hand in hand with government and non-government agencies in bringing their projects to successful conclusion. OEMG Global utilises world leading technology and is uniquely placed to provide excellent advice regarding the Taiwan wind farm development. It is my pleasure to endorse this innovative company

    - Melinda Pavey MP, Member of the Legislative Assembly Member for Oxley Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Temporary Speaker
  •   This is to acknowledge that OEMG mapped significant parts of the Botany Port seabed, operating around working vessels in a few days utilising the Aquares System. Works were completed on time and within budget and our objectives were met: OEMG’s mapping allowed assessment of the condition of the subsoil directly adjacent to the wharf structures allowing us to verify the stability of the structures for current and future use.

    - Peter Engelen - General Manager Infrastructure, NSW Ports
  •   "We are finally done with the guesswork!" (Quote from US Army Corps of Engineers after a successful Aquares resistivity survey following previous inconclusive survey campaigns)

    - US Army Corps of Engineers,

Our Partners


OEMG-Global are proud to partner with other worldwide businesses known and respected for their innovative approach to the industry.

Demco NV


Phipps Resources

Geotechnical Consultants


An Italian Company operating in the field of underwater and oceanographic technologies


Co-developer of the RheoCable method

Marine Research Foundation

Biodiversity assessment and conservation of marine ecosystems.

Featured Projects

The OEMG-Global team has many years experience working in a wide variety of markets providing a wide variety of services. A few of our recent projects are showcased below.