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About OEMG

OEMG Global provides specialist skills in the areas of Ground Modelling,  Digital Geophysics and Geotechnical Studies, Oceanography, Consulting & Project Management and Environmental Management. We are dedicated to delivering innovative thinking and exceptional customer service. Our team draws from many years of practical and project management experience from a wide variety of industry niches and geographical area worldwide. We service Australian and International markets.

We offer a broad range of services across a range of project sizes and types for a wide range of clients.  All of our clients receive fully customised advice and project management as we appreciate the fine differences between each of the variety of projects we perform. Our focus is on delivering solutions that save money, time and reduce risk.

Committed to Clients, Contractors & Community

  • Providing Positive Cost Benefit
  • Exceptional Client Service
  • Projects Completed On Time and On Budget
  • Above Average Job Health and Safety
  • Robust Methods and Procedures
  • Complete Digital Transparency
  • Real Time Data Processing
  • Quality Field Work Delivery
  • Strong Ethical Values
  • Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Giving Back to the Greater Community


Our company values safety, respect, integrity, culture and quality management as important features in how we interact within our industry and with our clients.

OEMG emphasises the requirements for Safety and Quality in order to satisfy customer requirements. OEMG believes that Risk Assessments, detailed procedures, team communication, team compliance and training are the cornerstones of providing safe, high quality work.

Clients engaging OEMG-Global are assured that your work with be conducted with integrity, impartiality and total confidentiality as we work independently of any other service providers.

We understand the needs and requirements of each sector and the importance of working with a broad range of stakeholders

Giving back to our Community

OEMG is proud to be able to give back to the greater community.

We pro-actively started a collaborative regional networking group allowing small businesses and professionals to collaborate to work together and on larger projects.

Looking regionally to employ contractors and subcontractors from the local region for projects that will help promote regional growth and and fulfil our commitment to equal opportunity employment.

Actively working with the award winning NGO OzGREEN by providing representation on their board, financial sponsorship and becoming directly involved in their projects such as  “Save the Bellinger River Turtle” and their flagship “Youth Leading the World” program

Our Innovative Approach


OEMG – Global has never been content to sit with the status quo. Constantly looking for innovative ways to value add to client services. To produce results that minimise risk, maximise outcomes and reduce project costs. Competing on cost alone and being forced into reduced quality was not acceptable so we made a strategic decision to value add.

OEMG challenges “Business as Usual” practice with an innovative approach to ground modelling.  Revolutionising the way in which current tender processes are conducted to allow for innovation, a fairer tender process and significant cost and environmental savings.

Successfully establishing a market niche by approaching principles directly, rather than through traditional tender procurement processes. This lead to the breakthrough method known as Integrated Digital Ground Modelling (IDGM) a method that is highly sort after as it produces significantly improved results.

OEMG have developed innovative methods allowing them to become positioned as strategic ground modelling experts and consultants. They work directly with  Australian and overseas organisations and government departments who are tasked with making strategic decisions about public infrastructure placement and design. They are in a position to contribute to a transformation of traditional procurement processes which will aim to encourage further innovation within the industry.

Supporting organisations to collect and combine all relevant datasets into a “Strategic Integrated Digital Ground Model (IDGM)” which covers an entire area of decision making influence and is available for use by multiple departments. Thereby reducing duplication of effort, increasing data confidence, improving strategic planning & holistic infrastructure placement.

OEMG takes an innovative approach to the market segments they operate in and as a result of many years of extensive experience and research have developed a new approach to ground modelling that will help clients save time and money.

Our History

The team at OEMG – Global have many years of working experience both within OEMG, for other companies within the industry and in sectors that are highly advantageous to their clients. OEMG team members have a long history of success within the industry and strong track records of high level successful world-wide projects. The team have many years experience in a wide variety of markets and projects.
Back in the early days

Jason in Dubai many feet above the ground

It had to start somewhere. Here is Jason installing a GPS repeater many feet above the ground on the mast of the Burj al Arab in Dubai. Someone had to be crazy enough to get up there!


OEMG-Global is started

Namibia Diamond Search

Initially contracting on oceanographic and projects all around the world including Kazakhstan, Libya, Qatar, UAE, Djibouti, The Congo and many more.


2009 Aquares Resistivity System Introduced to Australia

OEMG-Gobal  introduces the Digital Geophysics to the Australasian region.


Demand for OEMG's Digital Geophysics grows

Macedon Pipe Route Exmouth

Demand quickly increased resulting in rapid expansion.  Projects included Cape Lambert dredge assessment for Van Oord and the Macedon Pipe route land and marine survey.

2011 - 2012

OEMG Reputation Grows

Working in the niche market of the Oil and Gas Industry OEMG became known for its strong reputation for quality innovative services.  Developing proprietary processing techniques that provided clients with qualitative and quantitative project planning data that clients soon realised was superior to what they could obtain elsewhere. Projects included Grove, NT (pipeline route assessment), Port Headland Port Expansion, Hay Point (Magnetometer Survey)

OEMG team members demonstrate strong history of success within the industry View some of the projects.

2012 - 2013

Resources boom crash

Seal Rocks Land Slip – Great Lakes Council

Resources boom crash causes decline in the Oil and Gas Industry allowing the opportunity to diversify into the Public Infrastructure market.

Projects included: large job in PNG for Mitsubishi-Talisman for Daru Port Expansion, Great Lakes Council with the Seal Rocks Land Slip (land survey gear established in Australia). Early iterations of ideas for the IDGM begins.


IDGM Developed and Tested

Eden Port

The development and on project testing of  IDGM – piloted with a number of land, freshwater and marine environment projects in Yamba for Clarence Valley Council and NSW Public works including Yamba ebb-tide release, Orara river underbore and the mains water replacement. Working directly with innovative clients such as Clarence Valley Council and NSW Public Works, OEMG developed award winning IDGM methodology that revolutionises the industry.


IDGM Accepted by Industry

NSW Metro Survey

IDGM comes into its own, Port work explodes with jobs for Eden Ports, NSW Ports and Gladstone Ports.
State innovation award winner.  Extensive lobbying starts against restrictive tender processes that specify technology rather than outcomes.

2015 and the hard work pays off
2016 - 2017

OEMG using IDGM wins major projects

Gold Coast Water IDGM data collection

2016 – OEMG wins Sydney Metro work.
OEMG contracted by Gold Coast Water and starts process of working towards a Strategic IDGM that can be used for multiple projects. Incorporation of other data into the integrated model and advice on how to use it. Multiple Departments realise that they can now start to use to their IDGM for a wide range of projects – another industry first!

2016 - 2017

OEMG using IDGM wins major projects

2017 – Continuing to innovate.
OEMG launches the IDGM branding and the IDGM strategic product!

IDGM Strategic is aimed and councils, government departments and proponents. Structural geophysical assessments can be made of large areas and tested over time for specific projects utilising targeted geotechnical studies. We have now made the IDGM even more cost effective.


Our Team of Professionals

OEMG-Global a team of talented people led by Jason and Rachael.
However no one person on the team is above the others as they all function as a cohesive unit to bring about the exceptional results their clients have come to expect.

Jason Errey


Jason has over 15 years of experience in the Environmental and Oceanographic industry including extensive experience in managerial roles in Australia and the Middle East, and a Masters specialising in Marine Geology. His experience extends to consultation programs, ecological monitoring, coastal benthic studies, hydrographic surveys and geophysical surveys including extensive experience managing Aquares survey in land, marine and freshwater environments.  Jason has the ability to understand pressing problems faced by clients and find solutions. He is the key innovator responsible for the development of OEMG’s award winning Integrated Digital Ground Model (IDGM).


Rachael Stewart-Rattray

General Manager

Rachael has over 15 years of experience as a Project Manager and Senior Business Analyst. She holds degree in Business Information Technology and a Master of Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales with a focus on sustainable energy. Rachael has worked closely with government and private stake holders on a range of projects. Rachael’s role at OEMG is key to success of projects. Handling strategic and project management, business analysis, client communication and consulting. Her extensive IT experience, strategic and analytical thinking is highly sort after by OEMG clients.


John Errey

Senior Business Advisor

John has over 25 years of experience managing companies in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and Africa. This experience gives John a unique ability to quickly assess the situation in a company, cut through to core issues and provide both short and long term solutions. His capabilities include strategic management, marketing, financial and business planning support. John also holds a BSc and a PhD in Theoretical Physics.


Sharna Russell

Senior Geophysical Surveyor

Sharna has worked with OEMG as a lead geophysical surveyor and environmental scientist for over 3 years, working in land, marine and fresh water environments. Sharna has 1 class honours in Environmental Science and is currently working towards her PhD.


Daniela Ceccarelli

Marine Ecology Consultant

Daniela is a marine ecologist with extensive training and experience in tropical marine ecosystems. She has a PhD specialising in Marine Ecology from James Cook University. Daniella has over 7 years’ experience consulting for government, non-governmental organisations, industry and research institutions on diverse projects requiring field surveys, monitoring programs, data analysis, reporting, literature reviews and management recommendations.


Jim Phipps

Geotechnical Consultant

Jim is a Senior Geologist with over 30 years’ experience in areas of exploration and analysis and interpretation of geological data. He has worked on numerous geological site investigations, seafloor modelling and other studies, and has extensive project execution, contract negotiation and operations coordination experience. Jim has a first class honours degree in Geology, with expertise in managing cross-functional teams on complex projects. Throughout his career in the oil and gas sector and in various marine site assessments Jim has applied his skills in problem solving and innovation, designing and fabricating new and improved sampling equipment and working closely with clients to provide them with fit-for-purpose solutions.


Euan Provost

Geophysical Surveyor

Euan has worked with OEMG for over 2 years as a geophysical surveyor, working in land, marine and fresh water environments. Euan has a 1st class honours degree in Marine Ecology and Environmental Science from Southern Cross University. His honours project looked to projected future ocean climates impact on species interaction in temperate sub-tidal reef habitats. Euan’s background includes: Fisheries Technician (NSW DPI), Research Assistance (National Marine Science centre).  Since joining OEMG he has assisted with marine and land based surveys. Euan is currently undertaking a PhD looking into the potential use of drone technology in marine management.


OEMG-Global have been lucky to have worked with some clients who value our innovative approach to the industry.
We appreciate the comments they make about our approach to our services.
  •   OEMG Global provides specialist skills in oceanography and environmental management services. Through projects such as the metro train for the NSW Department of Transport and with the NSW Port Corporation, OEMG Global have demonstrated how well they work hand in hand with government and non-government agencies in bringing their projects to successful conclusion. OEMG Global utilises world leading technology and is uniquely placed to provide excellent advice regarding the Taiwan wind farm development. It is my pleasure to endorse this innovative company

    - Melinda Pavey MP, Member of the Legislative Assembly Member for Oxley Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Temporary Speaker
  •   "We are finally done with the guesswork!" (Quote from US Army Corps of Engineers after a successful Aquares resistivity survey following previous inconclusive survey campaigns)

    - US Army Corps of Engineers,
  •   "Boskalis uses for different projects geo-electric surveys to quantify and qualify rock outcrops. For the geological setting near the coast of Luderitz (Namibia) geo-electric survey is preferred above conventional reflection seismic since gravels above the rock outcrop might diffuse the signals. Also it is believed that reflection seismic will not give information about the rock strength characteristics, while geo-electric survey data can."(Advise from Boskalis BV to Namport with regards to the geophysical methods to be used in the port of Luderitz)

    - Bokalis BV,
  •   This is to acknowledge that OEMG mapped significant parts of the Botany Port seabed, operating around working vessels in a few days utilising the Aquares System. Works were completed on time and within budget and our objectives were met: OEMG’s mapping allowed assessment of the condition of the subsoil directly adjacent to the wharf structures allowing us to verify the stability of the structures for current and future use.

    - Peter Engelen - General Manager Infrastructure, NSW Ports

Our Partners


OEMG-Global are proud to partner with other worldwide businesses known and respected for their innovative approach to the industry.