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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why work with a smaller company

  • Superior and personalised customer service – always contactable, quick/easy response to questions straight from the people best able to provide these answers.
  • Smaller number of projects under way at any one point in time. OEMG manage a smaller number of projects with high knowledge levels by all staff
  • Friendly approach to dealing with customers
  • High level of commitment to the customer due to business ownership model, “not just an employee”
  • Fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality – on time and on, if not below budget
  • Strong understanding of regional marketplaces
  • Strong community connections
  • Focused on niche markets – smaller number of services performed well
  • Highly experienced staff performing the work
  • Innovative approach as less bureaucracy helps to foster an innovative environment better able to adapt to changing marketplace needs.

Why is innovation critical for ground modelling?

Traditionally the civil engineering has accepted that cost and time overruns due to unforeseen geological conditions are “normal and can’t be helped”. Despite the availability of high speed computers, the basic tenants of ground modelling have not changed in 100 years. We still rely on randomised borehole patterns that are linked together, and there has been very little change in geophysical technology. Innovating that has resulted in the development of IDGM has now shown that no longer do contractors and project managers have to guess about what might be under the ground. The use of IDGM techniques now results in various departments being able to share key data, the ability to widen the range of contractors that can be engaged and the saving of millions of dollars.

But I already integrate data?

Yes, many contractors will say they integrate data by placing interpreted geophysical data on borehole sections. But “Integrated”​ does not mean jamming a whole bunch of data sets together, it​ starts way back at the planning stage and includes the staged roll-out of acquisition methods so that one supports the other, to incrementally increase confidence in the conclusions. You can deploy the most expensive technology, undertake as many boreholes as you like, but if the conclusions are not tested and confirmed independently, then those results will not improve the decision making process.

Aquares is the worlds most advanced geophysical method, and can gather qualitative data very quickly over a wide area. We do not require any borehole data to during processing, rather we will provide borehole targets to test our data.

What does ground modelling have to do with upside or opportunity risk

Every decision regarding a piece of infrastructure during concept design, is reliant on knowing, and communicating the structural geological setting at the site. Questions such as “can this project be built on time and on budget?”, “can this project be built within the environmental constraints if the regulator?”, “can the project be modified to take advantage of the geological setting so as to avoid concrete pours or the removal of rock?” or “does the proponent sufficiently understand the ground to share risks with the contractor(s)?” are all related to upside risk and can all be answered early in the project life cycle utilising the IDGM.


In this highly competitive world OEMG-Global is very aware of the confidential nature of any work discussed with us. We maintain a strict confidentiality policy with all our clients. We are totally independent of other consulting and construction companies and do not discuss your projects or date without your knowledge and signed agreement.

You Offer so many Services

OEMG – Global have been operating to provide Oceanographic and Environmental Services for many years and therefore they have many skills in a wide range of areas. These skills have allowed them to understand clients needs from the ground up and it was from this exceptional pool of skills that the breakthrough technique of Integrated Digital Ground Modelling has been developed.

What makes OEMG-Global different?

OEMG’s IDGM method is different and highly innovative. It offers a better value,  more comprehensive and reliable approach to ground modelling. Using high quality Aquares geophysics provides high resolution and quick turnaround times and results in fewer boreholes which can be targeted to specific areas of geological interest identified by the geophysics. OEGM work closely with clients to understand the model required for improved decision making, and continuously work to refine their award winning IDGM process based on client feedback. In a world first, their innovative digital model has recently been imported directly into a design environment as part of the Sydney Metro project. The Integrated Digital Ground Modelling process has been awarded a number of highly coveted awards.

What benefits will I get as a client?

Project managers are often presented with ground models that fail to adequately convey ambiguities or risks as interpreted by their geotechnical team. Therefore, they appreciate that OEMG’s IDGM process provides them with a new and innovative approach. IDGM provides an integrated delivery of multiple complex datasets in simple to use and understand framework software, visualised on a satellite image (e.g. Google earth style) allowing project managers to see exactly what is going on underground. It provides:

  • Reduced risk and costs over the life of the project
  • Reduced costs to the public purse
  • More companies will be able to tender
  • Environment effects reduced
  • Needs based not infrastructure based
  • Suits the prevailing geology

What benefits will the community receive from your methods?

OEMG innovative IDGM provides significant benefit to the community, as well as clients, by making public infrastructure projects more sustainable, reducing environmental impact due to over-engineering and by reducing project costs and thereby resulting in significant savings in public spending.

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