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Aquares Resistivity Survey for Land – Road Construction

Jan 05, 2017 oemg digital geophysics and geotechnical studies GT3 Themes 2 Months Spent

An Aquares Resistivity survey was undertaken to assist with planning for a traffic tunnel passing underneath a major crossroad near Giessen, Netherlands.

Aquares data has been acquired as part of geological assessment for a road tunnel.

Previous boreholes described the presence of highly permeable sand formations in the nearby area at relevant depths. More detailed information was required to map these formations in order to provide options to overcome tunnel inundation risks. As part of the area was not accessible to heavy drilling equipment, the proponent elected to carry out a more flexible (and more economical) Aquares survey.

In all, 155 electrical soundings were carried out to a depth of 12 to 15 m along 8 profiles. All relevant geological structures were mapped in detail providing excellent correlations with the available boreholes.