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Aquares Resistivity Surveys for Land – Quarry


Proponents for a limestone quarry considering an expansion into a new lease elected to use Aquares resistivity soundings to explore the area, as a drilling campaign (on a 50x50m grid) was considered too expensive. In addition, a classical resistivity survey failed to provide the required qualitative and quantitative geological information. Over 600 soundings were completed during the survey and a 3D model of the area was produced. From the results (see below), the compact limestone is clearly seen as a higher resistivity volume when compared to the more thinly bedded and shaly limestone, both lie under a 10 to 25m cover of sandy clay. Based on the details seen within the Aquares resistivity results (overburden thickness, fault lines, rock qualities and thickness of weathered rock), a complete mine plan was developed and exploitation permits successfully applied for.

A detailed Aquares survey was undertaken over a new lease for a Quarry. The target limestone is seen between faults as dark red. Details of the reserves and overburden were calculated and exploitation permits successfully applied for.