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Cape Lambert Port Expansion, Cape Lambert WA

Oct 29, 2010 oemg digital geophysics and geotechnical studies GT3 Themes 2 Months Spent

Van Oord commissioned OEMG to undertake a resistivity survey in the area designated for the expansion of the Cape Lambert port. OEMG utilised the Demco Aquares Resistivity System to conduct this investigation. Several harder cemented rock types described in bore holes, collectively here called caprock, were visualised horizontally and vertically. The client was provided with a very accurate map of the extent of the caprocks and their respective densities. They are able to appropriately apply dredge methods from “ripping” to “cutting” to cost effectively manage their campaign.

The Aquares survey was undertaken simultaneously with a multi beam survey at speeds of between 4 and 5 knots. The client was provided with a three dimensional  view along with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the calcarenites present and was able to tailor a dredge campaign accordingly.

A view of the structural geology at Cape Lambert 1.5m Below the Seabed