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Oceanographic, Marine Science and Ecology

Jan 01, 2017 oceanographic GT3 Themes 2 Months Spent

Projects undertaken by OEMG staff include:

Barzan Environmental Impact Assessment

Providing technical assistance and leadership to the URS team undertaking the work offshore Doha. The job required the collection of Physicochemical and water samples from the water column at prescribed depths, collecting sediment samples using a Day grab and Plankton sampling.

Barzan Phase 2 and 3 Environmental Baseline Surveys

Environmental studies for the second phase of the Barzan field development in Qatar. Plankton sampling, grab sampling, water sampling, physicochemical sampling and video transects utilising a working class ROV were all undertaken as part of the job.

South Pars Phase II (Iran) for Total Fina Elf

A site survey and pre-lay survey for this phase of the South Pars field development. Including the collection of over 1000km of Multi beam, Boomer and Pinger, Side Scan and Maggy Data with near shore and off shore operations. An environmental Team also collected over 150 environmental samples and some 50 drop (piston) cores.

Long Term Environmental Monitoring of the New Doha International Airport (NDIA)

A large multi year assessment of the post construction impact of the NDIA. Project elements included: Marine benthic habitat assessments, sediment traps and deposition assessments, ground water assessment, Air and noise modelling and geomorphological assessment of marine sediment transport.

Ras az Zawr Industrial City Environmental Values Study

The mobilisation of 8 scientists and an off shore vessel carrying two dive tenders to Saudi Arabia. Some 244 permanent transects were installed in addition to one month of turbidity and temperature data collection from autonomous sensors.

Site inspection for a Rig Move for Wintershall and Anadarko (Qatar)

Surveying two 1km by 1km geophysical and environmental sites for a rig placement using Multibeam, Boomer and Pinger, Side Scan and Maggy Data as well as underwater video, stills and grab samples for the environmental assay. A 30m Marine Bore Hole was drilled on each site. The Survey was conducted from the vessel MV Zaker Fugro and the drilling from the vessel MV Zaker Star.

Djibouti Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment was carried out to assess the likely environmental impacts on the marine habitat, specifically corals, adjacent to the proposed construction during the development and operational phases of the container terminal. The job involved conducting line intercept transects to provide percentage cover assessments of seagrass, algae and corals as well as collecting water quality data. Key assessment areas included light attenuation, deposition of sediments and susceptibility of corals to bleaching.

Festival City EIS (Dubai)

This survey required the deployment of autonomous and direct reading current meters, a tide gauge and water quality analysers as well as seabed sampling for benthic and geochemical analysis. The benthic sampling included both macro and micro fauna. Geochemical sampling was for heavy metals in the sub 63 micron fraction of the sediment. Responsibilities included client liaison, project design, project management, staff training, sampling, sample preparation, data management, managing consultants and reporting.

Dubai Municipality Sand Borrow and EIS

Environmental sampling, geophysical survey, vibrocoring, data management, interpretation and reporting. Responsibilities included managing the vibrocoring, data management, mapping and reporting as well consulting for the environmental team.

Palm (Jumeirah) Island EIS

A baseline study of the seabed conditions of the Palm Island development area, which included bathymetric surveying, benthic sampling and the deployment of two current meters. Responsibilities included sediment and benthic sampling, sample preparation, data review and reporting.

Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research

Detailed oceanographic studies to enable the modelling of the coastline for the construction of a new power and desalination plant. Included the use of ADCP units, impellor based current meters, tide gauges, water quality meters, directional wave meters, weather stations, RTK GPS and a single beam echo sounder. Responsibilities included conducting the bathymetric and water quality surveys, instrument deployment, seabed sampling, data management and collation using GIS, client relations, budget tracking and reporting.