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Tuvalu Marine Life Project

Jan 05, 2010 environmental management, oceanographic GT3 Themes 2 Months Spent

Doctor Daniela Ceccarelli provided fish biodiversity expertise to the 2010 field expedition of the Tuvalu Marine Life Project (organised by the NGO Alofa Tuvalu). Duties associated with this project involved logistical planning, carrying out of field surveys, briefing of local communities and government officials, data analysis and the preparation of a detailed technical report. Careful planning, efficient time allocation and daily flexibility allowed for the successful completion of a fish biodiversity assessment at three atolls, taking into account sheltered, exposed and lagoonal reef habitats. Information on the density and diversity of different functional groups of fish, including important food fish, will contribute to a better understanding of Tuvalu’s reef systems and assist in the implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

Image: Traditional fisherman on Funafuti lagoon