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Seabed & Sub-Seabed Mapping

OEMG-Global undertakes seabed and sub seabed mapping for scientific bodies, oil and gas and well as civil construction. We will work with your company and use your equipment, or we can utilise strong relationships with hire companies around the world to arrange the most cost effective and practical solution possible.
  • Seabed and sub-seabed mapping equipment we regularly use includes:

    A G880 Magnetometer being streamed

  • Geometrics magnetometers
  • Marine Magnetics seaSPY
  • C-MAX Side Scan Sonar systems
  • Edgetech Side Scan Sonars
  • GeoAcoustics GeoPulse and GeoChirp sub-bottom profiling systems
  • Innomar SES range of parametric echo sounder / sub-bottom profilers
  • Single beam echo sounders.


Ancillary equipment

Installing a GPS repeater on the mast of the Burj al Arab in Duba

Equipment we use to support our projects includes:

  • IXSEA Octans gyro and motion sensor
  • TSS motion sensors
  • S G Brown (Meridian) Gyrocompass
  • Flux gate compasses.



GPS Systems

Uncorrected GPS systems will generally provide an accuracy of 10m to 15m when positions are taken on the fly. Several methods are available to augment (correct) the raw GPS signal allowing centimetric accuracies to be achieved. The cost of

these corrections can range from no charge, to hundreds of dollars per day. We can advise on the use of the following systems:

  • Veripos Satellite Based Augmentation (SBAS) GPS systems
  • C-Nav SBAS GPS Systems
  • Hemisphere, Trimble and Sokkia GPS systems utilising SBAS, differential beacons (where available) or base stations
  • Garmin systems.
Acquisition Software

We utilise Hypack acquisition and processing software in addition to proprietary software and GIS packages. Bathymetric surveys can be done to comply with IHO Order 1 standards where required.

Hardware Installation.

In most cases we are able to undertake equipment installation onto your vessel or vessels of opportunity. In rare cases where this is not the case we can bring in specialist engineers to assist.


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